City of Columbus Service Request System (3-1-1)

  • Code Enforcement (improper upkeep of a dwelling)
  • Bulk Refuse Pickup
  • Streetlight issues (burnt out, not working)
  • Car parked on street for too long
  • Health Issues (e.g. noxious weeds, grass longer than 12″, mosquito breeding areas)
  • Law Enforcement (e.g. Narcotics issues, etc.) Requests

Columbus Division of Police (614) 645-4545

  • Inquiries on crime in progress
  • Report a crime that has occurred
  • Report suspicious person or activity

Columbus Narcotics/Vice Division (614) 645-4850

  • Problems with a property or individual suspected of trafficking narcotics or illegal substances

Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission  (614) 228-2663

  • Home Weatherization Assistance

Home Preservation Program  (614) 221-4508

  • Free Architectural Consultation for homes older than 50 years
  • Assistance with energy-efficient upgrades and improvements

HandsOn Central Ohio  1-888-4SHELTR (1-888-474-3587)

  • Assistance with locating shelter for homeless individuals and families
  • Homeless Crisis Hotline

Columbia Gas Emergency Hotline (800) 344-4077

  • Natural gas leak or suspected leak

SWACO Household Hazardous Waste Disposal

  • List of Accepted Items and Recycling Oppertunities
Living within the City of Columbus and close to downtown provides us with access to a number of resources should you need help with something. The Vassor Village Association (VVA) Board can act as an additional resource if you have a particular concern about a property or problem (e.g. upkeep, suspicion of illicit activities, etc.). In additional to utilizing the resources listed above, we strongly encourage connecting with the VVA Board when approaching a problem. Attending a meeting and raising your concern to get ideas and feedback from your neighbors can also be helpful. If you’d like to connect with the members of the VVA board directly, please completed our request for assistance form online.